So as well as being a producer I love to do all sorts of other things

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Speaking – I have grown to love doing public speaking and giving presentations about things I care about. I’ve talked in Universities and Schools, conferences and in front of whole companies (I recently did this in front of all of Gamesys’ 1000+ employees). I once spoke at South by Southwest which was cool.

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Equality – During my time at Gamesys I have joined and started their two employee networks Pride, the LGBT network, and GLoW, the women’s network. Both groups strive to encourage equality, support and acceptance and have really helped me personally feel like I can make a difference for others in the workplace. You can read what I have to say about women in the games industry if you really want to here, this is now like 5 years old but I think still relevant.


BAFTA Crew – I’ve been a member of BAFTA’s Games Crew since its first year. It’s a great way to help young people, connect with my industry peers and go to some fantastic talks by really interesting people.

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Mindfulness – I have been meditating every day now for over a year and in that time have gotten really in to what Mindefulness and meditation can do to improve our lives, I wont go on about it here because I am in fact working an a whole website about it that you can check out here. It’s not yet done but I’m sure it will be great when completed!


Being Good – I’ve always strived to do the best job possible, though its not always easy and I don’t always succeed. I have however won a few awards over the years, I was named one of Develops 30 under 30 in 2013, one of the top 100 women in games by MVC in the same year, Bingo Lane has won a EGR award for best social bingo game and last year I won Gamesys’ “Kicking the Lamp” award for being great.